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Security doors can be the first physical barrier of security for your premises and are designed and manufactured to deter and delay intruders. Choosing the right security doors for your premises and how they are integrated with existing or proposed security systems, can increase the security of a building significantly.

Chubb offers a range of security doors tested and certified to LPS 1175, the certified doors are designed to offer different levels of security for premises that require a higher level of security other than what is available from non-certified security doors.

The LPS 1175 security standards  (Loss Prevention Standard) certify security doors that are rigorously tested for a specified perperiodainst physical attack using a wide range of tools. Products tested are given an LPS 1175 rating dependent on the level of resistance achieved when tested.

Chubb security doors are tested and certified to;

LPS 1175 – SR2  – Products certified to LPS 1175 SR2 standard provide up to 3 minutes of protection against determined opportunistic attack at forced entry using a range of tools including screwdrivers, bolt cutters, hand drills, claw hammers, hacksaws, etc.

LPS 1175 – SR3  – Products certified to LPS 1175 SR3 standard provide up to 5 minutes of protection against a deliberate attack at forced entry using a range of tools including hand drills, crowbars, a short axe, hammers, gas torches etc.

LPS 1175 – SR4  – Products certified to LPS 1175 SR4 standard provide up to 10 minutes of protection against an experienced attack at forced entry using a range of tools including power drills, disc grinders, and jig saws, sledgehammers, axes, etc.

The security doors are designed and manufactured to suit individual building and project requirements enabling endless variations of security doors for internal and external applications. All our security doors are available with a variety of locking options including mechanical and electronic locks, a range of vision panels, powder coating colour finish, and several other options to compliment your proposed security doors.

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