Safe Openings

Safe Openings

Chubb specialises in the non-destructive opening of all types of safes, ATMs, vaults, and security doors. If a key has been lost or damaged, our specialist safe engineers are equipped with the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to non-destructively pick open a locked safe without damage to the safe itself. Once opened, locks can be repaired, rekeyed, or replaced.

On occasions when a safe cannot be picked open, the only method of accessing the safe is to drill it open. Drilling may be required if combination codes are lost or if the internal locking mechanism has developed a fault. Our safe engineers are equipped with high-powered performance drilling equipment designed to penetrate safes and security doors with minimalist damage. Once opened, any holes are sealed with drill-resistant hardened pins to ensure the integrity of the safe.

Safes and vaults are designed to be restricted to be opened by the key/combination holder only, so the professional opening of safes and vaults requires in-depth detailed knowledge and training of the individual products. Over time our engineers have built up an archive of photos and specifications to aid them in the non-destructive opening of these products.

Relocations & Installations

We can deliver, install and remove all types of safes and vault doors. Our specialists are trained to ensure this process is conducted in a safe and effective manner.

Safe Service

Safes Service

We have been providing locks and safes servicing for over forty years. Our team of experienced engineers have the expert knowledge and skills to assist you with your specific requirement.